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Pocket-In Tester

Pocket-In Tester 1. SUMMARY
Since DR-770 contains 'M Ohms meter' for checking insulation resistance, telephone linemen can independently and efficiently find out line condition(faults) without help of CO test room.
Its mini size and hands free function can let linemen use both hands on poles or in manholes, enhancing lineman's safety, working efficiency and easiness to carry.

1) Hands free conversation with Ear-Microphone
2) Conversation without Ear-Microphone
3) Insulation resistance measurement
(earth-state, line-cut, line-short, telephone capacity measuring)
4) Line continuity test
5) Subscriber calling
6) Tone dialing
7) Call receiving
8) Flash function
9) Last number redial in tone mode
10) Over-voltage protection
11) Over-current protection
12) Piercing pin and angled bed of nails cord(ABN)
13) High impedance monitor function
14) Neck string to hang tester on neck
15) LED for On/Off
16) Battery check function

3. ACCESSORIES Ear-Micro phone set, Test line cords, Line cords for continuity
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